Switching Aquarium Stands

Well… we finally got it done. The old aquarium stand is gone, and the new stand, freshly painted, has taken its place. As you might guess, this took a little doing. I’ll walk you through the process in this post.

Aquarium on New Stand

Aquarium on New Stand

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Painting Furniture

Really!? Is painting geeky or salty?  Not exactly.  But this post is a follow-up to Do It Yourself: Aquarium Stand, in which I built an aquarium stand with a lot of help from my father.  At the end of that post, I described painting it.  Turns out, you don’t really want to take furniture painting advice from a home improvement warehouse.  So, I’ll be describing how to fix a piece of expensive, home-built furniture, after it’s been painted wrong.

Aquarium Stand Close-up

Aquarium Stand Close Up

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Adding Coral

Last weekend we finally decided to add some new corals to the aquarium.  I had stalled because I didn’t want to add new live stuff until we had moved the aquarium to the new aquarium stand.  Yes, the aquarium stand I “finished” on January 2nd is still not being used – more on that in a future post though.  But, since coral is fairly safe out of the water for short periods of time we decided it was as good a time as any to add some more color to the aquarium.

Blue Mushrom

New Blue Mushroom

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Do It Yourself: Aquarium Stand

I mentioned last post that my father and I built a new aquarium stand.  We built it over the last two weeks in December, 2009.  I’m really pleased with the result, so I want to share how we did it.

Completed Aquarium Cabinet

Completed Aquarium Cabinet

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New Aquarium?

I definitely got the “bigger is better” bug a month or two back. No, I haven’t bought a new 800 gallon aquarium (yet). This post is going to discuss the kinds of options I was thinking about, why I dismissed most of them, and what I really intend to do.

First, however, why would bigger be better? There are a few specific advantages to larger scale:

  • The bigger the aquarium, the more impressive looking it is
  • The larger the volume of water, the more stable the environment.  For example, the temperature of the water will take longer to change with a larger volume
  • A larger volume of water can support a larger “bio load”. This means, you can keep more fish, corals, and other invertebrates in a larger aquarium Read More »