Why we purchased a fishtank !

I was talking to our 5 year old son one day.  He was very sad because we had to put our Beagle Rocky to sleep.  He had arthritis so severe he had started chewing his leg to the bone.  I was trying to figure out a way to help him not miss Rocky so much.  I said, “How about if we get you a little fish tank you could take care of?”   He seemed to get really excited.

Now, I was just thinking of a small desk fish tank with maybe 1-2 fish and probably not costing more than about $20.00.  This is where my mistake comes in.  I mentioned my plan to Glen and oh boy BIG MISTAKE!  We make plans to head to the fish store to look at fish tanks.  $680.00 later, of leaving the pet store with a 46 gallon bow front salt water tank, filters, pumps, protein skimmers, water filters and gravel.

This begins our next story of the salt water tank.  We end up loosing the fish we had.  Not liking the cheaper way we tried to go with sand stone, we moved the tank, got rid of the stone and set it up in a different location as Glen has posted about this.  As the fish tank has sat empty I finally asked Glen “is it OK for fish?”  Once again, BIG MISTAKE.  We discovered a new fish store that really looks like an aquarium.  As Glen was speaking to one of the workers about fish and different reef type tanks, the guy told us it was not that hard to do.  So here we sit getting new lighting, water motion thingy and trying to get a reef tank going.

Now, as most wives know, once a husband starts a project like this we have to keep them under a budget and do it in baby-steps.  After 21 years I know for a fact my husband does not know this concept.   It is amazing, I still love this guy even without his baby-steps.   This is my 2 cents of the story of our fish tank.

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  1. So you’re saying it was all your fault then? :p

  2. I would like to say…Hey! We bought a couple of those fish for you too. Lighten up there.

    Father and Mother of Salty Geek

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