Taking stock, December 2009

With the year coming to a close soon, it’s time I took stock of the aquarium and its inhabitants. I intend to do this kind of post about twice per year.

Aquarium December 27, 2009

Aquarium December 27, 2009

Click on the thumbnail images for more information on the particular species.

Num Name Photo
2 Black Percula Clownfish Black Percula Clownfish
Cleaning Crew
1 Conch Baby Conch
10+ Margarita Snails Margarita Snails
1 Large Snail Escargot
10+ Hermit Crab Hermit Crabs
1 Halloween Hermit Crab Halloween Hermit Crab
2 or 3 Peppermint Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp
At least 1 Bristleworm Bristleworm
Soft Corals
1 colony Green and brown Button Polyps Button Polyps
5 Red Mushroom Three Red Mushrooms
1 colony Star Polyp Star Polyp
7 Unknown Soft Coral Unknown Soft Coral
1 Unknown Anemone Unknown Anemone
Uninvited Guests
5 or more Tiny Blue Starfish Tiny Starfish

If you can identify some of these unknown critters, or correct my mistakes, please leave a comment.

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