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Glen is a software engineer at a large technology company. He’s been programing computers of various sizes since 1980. Glen has had aquariums of different types for almost as long. The most recent aquarium, a marine reef, was started in summer of 2009.

Taking stock, December 2009

With the year coming to a close soon, it’s time I took stock of the aquarium and its inhabitants. I intend to do this kind of post about twice per year.

Holiday Feeding

This year, we’re not going out-of-town for the holidays.  But, if you are, Captive Aquatics recently posted about how to care for your fish while you’re gone. I think I’ve used all the described methods over the years. In the future, however, I’ll be hiring a fish sitter if I’m gone for longer than a [...]


I found another tenant in the aquarium this weekend.  A very small starfish.  I think he’s about a quarter inch across.  He is blue, with five tiny legs.  He’s right about in the middle of the picture below, on the lip of the large shell.

Glass Anemone

When I think of sea anemones, I think of waving tentacles, in brilliant colors.  Something that would sting me if I got too close.  I also think of a small clown fish family darting in and out of the anemone, daring larger fish to come get them. I hope to put an anemone like this [...]

Water Changes

One thing you’ll have to do a lot of is water changes, no mater if you’re doing a fresh water, marine, or reef aquarium. I’ve done enough that I’ve got a basic procedure that I go through. My son helps me most of the time. I’m going to document the procedure I go through in [...]