Adding Coral

Last weekend we finally decided to add some new corals to the aquarium.  I had stalled because I didn’t want to add new live stuff until we had moved the aquarium to the new aquarium stand.  Yes, the aquarium stand I “finished” on January 2nd is still not being used – more on that in [...]

More Live Rock

We purchased more live rock a few weekends ago.  I fell like we’re getting close to enough. You’ll notice a big gap in the middle of the aquarium.  I plan to add a table like rock to bridge the gap.  You can see that I have some rocks already there, ready to support it.  Chances [...]

New Animals

I noticed something new in the aquarium yesterday.  It was small, pink, had spines on it, and moved quickly.  It was about a millimeter in diameter, and the part I saw was about 10 to 15 millimeters long.  It lives in a tiny hole near the top of one of the live rocks.  I wish [...]

Red Algae

One of the live rocks has grown a lot of red and purple algae.  This is partly expected – algae likes light just like coral does.  It must be feeling right at home with the new lighting we got a few weeks ago.  At fist I was thinking this was pink and purple Coraline algae, [...]