Glass Anemone

When I think of sea anemones, I think of waving tentacles, in brilliant colors.  Something that would sting me if I got too close.  I also think of a small clown fish family darting in and out of the anemone, daring larger fish to come get them. I hope to put an anemone like this [...]

Water Changes

One thing you’ll have to do a lot of is water changes, no mater if you’re doing a fresh water, marine, or reef aquarium. I’ve done enough that I’ve got a basic procedure that I go through. My son helps me most of the time. I’m going to document the procedure I go through in [...]

Reef Chemistry 101

I had a sample of the water from the aquarium tested at a fish store last weekend.  I was feeling pretty confident when I went in to the store.  I’ve tested a number of chemicals every week, and everything was looking great.  But, I wound up learning an important lesson about calcium.  So, I figure [...]

Yet More Live Rock

Okay…  Thursday I was thinking we would wait a few more weeks to get more live rocks.  But, my parents are in town, and Mrs Salty Geek and I decided to take them to a couple of fish stores.  We wound up leaving with a pile of live rock, and a few extras.  At this [...]

More Live Rock

We purchased more live rock a few weekends ago.  I fell like we’re getting close to enough. You’ll notice a big gap in the middle of the aquarium.  I plan to add a table like rock to bridge the gap.  You can see that I have some rocks already there, ready to support it.  Chances [...]