Last week I discussed purchasing some “Reef Janitors”. Well, they have been hard at work, cleaning up the aquarium. I have to say, I’m very pleased. One of the live rocks has lots of hills and valleys, and it’s about half way up the aquarium. Last week green algae, and a little bit of red [...]

Red Algae

One of the live rocks has grown a lot of red and purple algae.  This is partly expected – algae likes light just like coral does.  It must be feeling right at home with the new lighting we got a few weeks ago.  At fist I was thinking this was pink and purple Coraline algae, [...]

Lighting… The Great Unknown

As I discussed in my first post, the major reason why I decided to create this blog is because I had so much trouble finding information on the Internet regarding marine and reef aquariums.  This was particularly true for lighting.  I knew I needed better lighting to support corals and other invertebrates, but from there [...]

The First Fish

As discussed earlier, reef aquariums don’t always have fish in them.  But for me, fish are a must.  I like the look of the live corals and other invertebrates, but I like to have fish as well.  After all, part of the point is to have fish as pets, to feed daily, and to take [...]

Why a Reef?

Like I mentioned before, my original plan was to restart the aquarium as just marine fish.   So what happened? For those that aren’t familiar with the terminology, a reef aquarium is primarily focused on corals, anemones, sponges and other types of marine invertebrates.  They don’t move, at least not on their own, but they are [...]