Antsy Pants Theme

The Antsy Pants Theme was written specifically for  It’s based on the excellent dkret3 theme.

Antsy Pants Theme

Antsy Pants Theme

12/8/2009: Beta Release 0.4

  • I had to take out the custom header stuff.  If the custom header was set, the standard header got messed up.  Unfortunately, this required a change to the dkret3 functions.php file as well.

11/21/2009: Beta Release 0.3

  • Categories don’t list the blog home, so users didn’t have a way to get to the home if they were on a specific post.  So, I added a “Blog” link to the navigation list artificially.
  • I added a “Home” link also, to point to the main web page.

11/07/2009: Beta Release 0.2

  • The web site has its own pages, so it didn’t make sense to have pages in the blog as well.  So, I converted the navigation bar to be a list of categories instead.  Amazingly, the Superfish menus still work like a charm.
  • I had initially thought that the navigation bar should be on the left, like it is on the main site.  But, it turns out Getantsy’s owner prefers the navigation on the right, like most other blogs do.  So, I moved it back to the right.

11/02/2009: Beta Release 0.1

Initial release. It’s not that much different from dkret3, as far as functionality.  The style was modified to match the main web site from

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