Fire Theme

Fire theme is a work in progress.

Sample image of the Fire theme

Sample image of the Fire theme

I’m building a WordPress theme for one of my web sites, Animism’s home page.  I intend to release it publicly as well, once I’m done fiddling with it.

10/28/2009: Beta Release 0.4

The multi level menus are working now.  I also made some fixes found while doing some testing.

This will be the last update for a while.  I want to kick the tires for a while and see how it goes.

10/26/2009: Beta Release 0.3

Comments are now working for posts, pages, and attachments.  I have a block defined that hides or displays the comments for pages, so that you don’t have to stare at the comments unless you are looking for them.

The content area for the 404 page, archives, and others now use a fire title icon.  The optional footer widget bars have a fire title now also.

I’m very close to releasing it.  I want to get the navigation area working.  I also want to do some testing with a few different browsers using a more complete test suite of data.  Maybe in the next week or two.

10/21/2009: Beta Release 0.2

Minor update.  I fixed the comments section.  It’s supporting nested comments now, and the colors match the rest of the theme.

10/19/2009: Beta Release 0.1

Initial public release.  Features:

  • Flames in the header and tops of posts and sidebars
  • Black and dark backgrounds, white text
  • Red links
  • Two columns, sidebar on the right
  • Fixed width
  • Dynamic sidebars and footer areas
  • Navigation area in the title, top-level pages only
  • RSS and search links in the title area

Future Plans

  • MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps a few more social network links
  • Add some easy customization with a plugin style configuration page
  • Option to show the default logo text or a logo image (Animism uses a logo image now)
  • I’m experimenting with text drop shadows in the post title areas.  This is specific to Firefox and a couple more browsers, but specifically doesn’t work with Internet Explorer
  • Optional third column on the left?

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