Holiday Feeding

This year, we’re not going out-of-town for the holidays.  But, if you are, Captive Aquatics recently posted about how to care for your fish while you’re gone. I think I’ve used all the described methods over the years. In the future, however, I’ll be hiring a fish sitter if I’m gone for longer than a [...]

Reef Chemistry 101

I had a sample of the water from the aquarium tested at a fish store last weekend.  I was feeling pretty confident when I went in to the store.  I’ve tested a number of chemicals every week, and everything was looking great.  But, I wound up learning an important lesson about calcium.  So, I figure [...]

More Live Rock

We purchased more live rock a few weekends ago.  I fell like we’re getting close to enough. You’ll notice a big gap in the middle of the aquarium.  I plan to add a table like rock to bridge the gap.  You can see that I have some rocks already there, ready to support it.  Chances [...]

Coralline Algae

Most algae is not that attractive, and is not very useful (unless you are a hermit crab).  Green algae makes your rocks and aquarium walls look like a Chia Pet.  Red slime algae looks nice, but it gets everywhere.  There is, however, one type of algae that aquarinists love to see: coralline algae. The coralline [...]

Changing Shells Again

When I got home from work yesterday, Jack had changed shells yet again. I’m beginning to wonder if we didn’t name him wrong. Shopping for two new outfits in two days, I’m guessing Jacky might have been a more appropriate name.