I found another tenant in the aquarium this weekend.  A very small starfish.  I think he’s about a quarter inch across.  He is blue, with five tiny legs.  He’s right about in the middle of the picture below, on the lip of the large shell.

Yet More Live Rock

Okay…  Thursday I was thinking we would wait a few more weeks to get more live rocks.  But, my parents are in town, and Mrs Salty Geek and I decided to take them to a couple of fish stores.  We wound up leaving with a pile of live rock, and a few extras.  At this [...]

Why a Reef?

Like I mentioned before, my original plan was to restart the aquarium as just marine fish.   So what happened? For those that aren’t familiar with the terminology, a reef aquarium is primarily focused on corals, anemones, sponges and other types of marine invertebrates.  They don’t move, at least not on their own, but they are [...]